JULY 2017 listings:

21st: Fat Randall + Phosphenes + Dead by Monday + Century Thirteen

Fat Randall are a pop punk trio from Dubai that formed in early 2014 and have since released 2 Studio EPs. In that time, the group have seen consistent growth, with 2016 marking a particularly strong rise for the trio, as the released, “Keep it Down”, their latest EP in June that year and followed that up with performances in Slovenia at Punk Rock Holiday and supporting punk rock veterans, Authority Zero in London.

26th: The Just Joans + The Hector Collectors + Acting Strange

The Just Joans play their first Scottish gig in over a year! Three bands, three pounds!

27th: The Nilz + The Jackhammers + The Fuck Ups + Knee Jerk Reaction

The Nilz, scruffy Irish purveyors of Sleaze Punk, are going on the road.

28th: The Definites + Room 101 + ?

29th: Luke Jackson Trio + Kim Wheeler (click here to buy tickets)

Luke is a Singer/Songwriter from Canterbury, Kent, who in 2013 was nominated in the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards for both the Horizon Award for Best Emerging Talent and The Young Folk Category. With a bold, distinctive voice and a sweet, percussive guitar style, Luke is a confident and captivating live performer. He was also winner of Fatea’s “Male Artist of the Year 2014” and now again in 2016.

Individual poster 13th note



The venue of the 13th Note is situated downstairs in the basement. It is available to hire seven days a week, throughout the month, for music, comedy, theatre, private functions… anything that falls within the boundaries of legality and taste (however vague the latter may be).

Please check our ‘Listings’ page prior to making a booking for any availability and try to book as far in advance as possible. Please also remember some nights on our listings page may not be displayed until full line-ups are confirmed.

It is highly recommended that you get in touch with a date in mind rather than asking if there are any dates free. Please also state if this date is flexible too. It is also worth keeping in mind that weekends are generally the most popular, and regularly booked out several months in advance.

If you are enquiring about multiple dates for hire, please send these in separate emails.

Hire fee of the venue is £50 (fifty pounds). We request that this fee – or a portion, as a deposit – is paid at least one week in advance of the event.

The venue is strictly over-18s only, which applies to performers as well, and you may be asked for identification by a member of staff. If you can’t prove your age, you will be asked to leave!

Capacity of the venue is 100 people.


Running times and curfews:

Usually, gigs start around 8pm, but if you wish to have the doors open earlier (i.e. longer bills, “all-day” events), you must arrange this upon booking your event.

From Sunday to Thursday, our curfew for music is 11pm, but this IS extended to 11:15pm if there is a four or more band line-up. The venue must be cleared by 11:30pm.

On Friday and Saturday nights, we operate an 11:45pm curfew. On these days, the venue must be cleared by 00:15am.



For all enquiries, terms and conditions, and booking agreements, please contact our booker/venue organiser by telephone (0141 553 1800) or email ( Our booker is generally available Tuesday to Friday between 1pm and 6pm. If you wish to come in to the bar and speak with our booker, please arrange ahead.

We ask that all bookings confirmations are made in writing or by email, so please send a follow-up email if you have made an enquiry by phone. Please ensure confirmations are sent within two days of initial contact, otherwise the booking may be taken by another person.

If you must cancel your booking, please do so as soon as possible so that the date may be freed for another booking. If you must cancel the event – for whatever reason – you must phone 0141 553 1638 to inform the duty manager at least 48 hours prior to the event. Failure to do so and you will be required to pay the full hire fee.


Technical information for promoters and bands:

What we provide:
Inclusive within the hire fee you pay, we provide a PA system (including speakers, monitors, microphones, and multi-channel mixing desk) with a friendly, helpful on-site engineer.

Our equipment list:
3KW Peavey PA / 16 input Allen & Heath Mixwizard mixer with 2 internal fx processors / 1 external Alesis fx unit / 2 x DBX 266XS Compressors, 4 x Behringer compressors / 2 x  Alesis 3630 compressor-gates / independent FOH and monitor graphic EQs / 5 DI boxes / 3 stage floor monitors / 1 drum fill / 18 microphones 8 DI boxes

What we do NOT provide:
Bands need to provide their own back line – i.e. guitars, basses, drums, keyboards, balalaikas, throats, fingers, etc. We recommend bands organise and share equipment such as the drum kit and guitar amplifiers, as too much gear equals clutter and too much time wasted with changeovers / set up / load out. Use the time saved to have an intimate conversation with someone you care about. Or buy a drink from the bar.


Promoting your event:
Promoters should promote their events effectively, which can include Facebook event pages, flyers, and posters to be put up in various venues around the city. Please hand in some posters so that we can put them up in the bar too! Try to do this 2-3 weeks in advance.

Your event will also be advertised on our website and the flyer we distribute, so please provide us with all the information/links/posters, as well. Likewise, please update us with any changes to the event: we don’t want to find out line-up changes on the night or via Facebook! Please also try to provide good or creative descriptions of the bands playing your night.