Are you a vegan business?

Yes we are now completely vegan!

Do you allow pets, children?

Yes to but there are restrictions due to licensing and EHO policies,

For children, they must be seated in the cafe area, and eating, until 8pm each evening.

For our four legged friends, they are only permmited in the bar area, we can supply beds, biscuits, water bowls and warm hugs!

Do you hire bands/DJ’s?

No, is the short answer, the venue is on a hire only basis, its up to you to contact our booker and self promote your gig, we find this is the best way to be fair to support bands, we do not support ‘pay to play’ promoters, they are the devils spawn

Is there disabled access?

On the ground floor, we have full disabled access and a disabled toilet, the basement (where the live music is) is accessible by stairs we are afraid

Are we allowed to book bands in the venue for under 18’s or let band member be under 18?

Nobody under 18 is allowed to be in the venue, play in the venue or hire the venue, anyone under 18 must me in the cafe area upstairs, eating and be accompanied by someone over 18.